Knitter's Review: The Tegna Sweater

I give you....the Tegna Sweater! If you are an avid knitter, like me, and you haven't heard of this pattern before now, then you my dear, have been living under a rock! (Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored by the pattern designer or anyone else, I just loved it so much I wanted to share it with all of you!)


For reference, I knit a size small, with a 38" bust. The pattern calls for you to choose a size that would have 5-10" of positive ease (meaning it would fit very loosely) but I decided to make it more true to size! I used a US size 5 (3.75 mm) circular knitting needles for the ribbing, lace and body of the garment!


My Summary in a nutshell (read on for details):

difficulty level: Intermediate - you'll need to know a variety of different stitches for the lace section as well as doing short rows, 3- needle bind off and picking up stitches, but don't let this intimidate you if you've never done them before. A few quick youtube tutorials and you'll be a pro in no time!


approx time to complete: this project took me about 2 weeks. The longest part will be the lace section. After that its Stockinette City for the body and sleeves!


would I knit this again: Absolutely! I cannot wait to cast on my next Tegna. The fit is perfect, the lace is beautiful and I think it would look amazing on many different body types!

My journey with this pattern was not a simple one. I first began to knit a size large. I had a hell of a time casting on so many stitches at once, but once I got through the lace section, I had lost a little bit of weight and realized that the top would just be way too big for me. So, then I decided to knit the small size. As I mentioned before, the lace section took me and will probably take you the longest! But is it worth is? YES! I can't even tell you how much more beautiful it is in person, you'll just have to take my word on it, or knit it up yourself!!

As you may or may not know, lace rows are very tricky to keep track of. There is a lot of memorizing, and if you are not memorizing the repeat, then it will take a very long time to get through even one row.


But, I'm going to tell you my secret of how I get through them quickly!

First, I either print out the pattern (which you can get here), or I download it to my iBooks app on my iPhone. I like using that app because there is a highlighter tool that you can use to highlight each row you are working on. Then, when you are done with the row, you can erase the highlight! How cool is that!? Anyway, the true secret to me getting through these rows, is that I actually don't look while I knit. I've done that ever since I was little, and I know it's not easy for everyone, especially if you are a somewhat newbie knitter. But, if you are able to, it is SO much easier to follow along with the repeat without having to look at your row, then look back at the pattern every couple of seconds! I also keep track of all the rows I've done in my bullet journal! Which, if you are a constant knitter, you really should look into keep a bullet journal, its the only way I am able to keep track of my many, many WIPs.

This pattern constantly challenged me as it made me use a few techniques that I had only done once or twice before! I'm going to leave a few links below of helpful youtube tutorials that helped me through this pattern!

Three Needle Bind Off:

Short Row Shaping:

(skip to 2:15 for the actual tutorial part)

Wet Blocking Your Garment:


Overall, I really love this pattern and think it would make an excellent addition to any one's handmade garment collection! I hope you found this little review helpful! If you'd like to follow along with my knitting, you can find me here:


instagram: @fiber.maven

ravelry: MavenCrafted